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Using relays w/ euro lights (fwd)

> My  Euro lights are in (stock 55/60w w/ 60w inners for now)
> my 1983 UrQ but now for the wiring. I followed the thread a
> couple of months ago regarding wiring relays but I just
> wanted to ask a couple of questions. Should I use 3 relays, 1
> for lows, one for outer highs, one for innner highs? I know the
> switched power should come straight from the alternator but
> should the grounds for the lights be new heavy gauge as
> well? If not, I know I need a new set of grounds,  which one
> gets the new grounds, the relays or the lights? Thanks a lot.

I'm using 1 relay for the highs (both bulbs) and 1 relay for the lows. I
think this is more than adequate. The relays make a big difference in 
how bright your lights are, BTW. I was planning to upgrade to brighter
bulbs after the lights were relayed, but after seeing the massive improvement
from the relays, I decided not to.
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