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Re: Insurance Calls

Lee Levitt wrote:
>  WRONG! While insurance is about putting things back they way they were. Suing the pants off 7-11 is punitive and prophylactic. I sent a 
long private message to Christian the other day and hoped that we on the 
list would be done with the issue, but I guess not.
> The only reason Christian is around today, and 7-11 is *not* writing a
> *big* check to his *estate*, is pure dumb luck. Nobody was smoking, no
> sparks were generated. He was *lucky*! Why should they get off for a
> pittance because nobody died?
> *If* we don't penalize businesses for their mistakes (purposeful or
> stupid), they won't change. 

First, a lot of people mistook what I said (probably my fault). I was 
talking ONLY about the damage to the CAR. If you think it's worth your 
while to sue 7-11 over the rest of it, be my guest.
Personally, this irritates the heck out of me. Shit happens. People are 
stupid. It's unfortunate and annoying, and sometimes dangerous, but 
that's part of life in the human world. 
I stand behind my input as regards to the car. The rest of you are 
welcome to decide wether or not you want to spend all your time talking 
to lawyers and/or judges.
My response may be "typical insurance guy" but it's a FACT that I thought 
might be helpful to the poor gas saturated owner.
Hmmm, managed to state my case without four letter words too....