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Re: Cruise off at bumps (check what?)

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

> IT only works a portion of the time now
and seems to work more/less if I go over bumps then set it.  Any ideas?

I have suffered exactly the same symptoms with my 82 coupe and narrowed it
down to the vacuum release switch on the brake pedal (could also be the
pedal return spring weakening?)  You just grovel around on your knees until
you find the switch with he vacuum tube going to it, pull off the tube and
wires, screw the switch housing further into the bracket a turn or two, and
Voila! working cruise control ("ticket protection").  The reason it is
affected by bumps is the pedal bounces a little and opens the vacuum switch
releasing the cruise as if you had braked.  This could also be the clutch
pedal causing your problem.  You should also check the integrity of the rest
of the cruise vacuum lines, in the engine compartment.  Any leaks will stop
it from working properly and consistently.


Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers

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