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Re: BMW Bashing

>To follow up on the thread about annoying BMW drivers,  I find the reason I
>have to leave is when they drive along about two inches from your a*se with

Just Saturday night, as I was en route to my aunte's house a 740iL was
following me. During one of the traffic lights, I left my foot off of the
brakes (man. trans) in anticipation of lights turning from red to green.
About 2 seconds later -- the lights are still red (oops, my 
miscalculation) -- the damn BMWer honked at me! By goodness! Like I
released by brakes, does that mean I have to GO? Sheesh! From there on,
he/she was driving like a mad driver, passing me and darting in and out of
the traffic. What an intelligence-challenged driver!

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