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BMW Bashing

Hi all,

To follow up on the thread about annoying BMW drivers,  I find the reason I
have to leave is when they drive along about two inches from your a*se with
those four intimidating headlamps, and the chrome kidneys.  Maybe I'm just
paranoid, but it makes me put my foot down.  (only works when car is running

Still I don't think they are anyway as bad as the Fiesta XR2 drivers.  (for
those in the US, this is a small hot-hatch made by Ford, and very common.
It has a 1.6i engine, and the drivers all think that they have the fastest
car on the road).

Maybe I's just because I hate BMWs and Fords.

82 Audi 100 5E 2144cc inj (142k)
84 Mitsubishi Galant Turbo (96k and rusty)  
80 Rover 2600S SDI(46k yes, 46k and on head #5 or will be)
Of all these cars, only the Audi is still running... just!

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