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Re: Some Solstice in the Weeds

Again, it seems that my quest for information has been addressed by one, as
expected, regarding Ti.  My questions are hardly filled with anything but a
true desire to know. So, now that I got a non response from one, ANYONE else
want to help educate me and this list on the advantages/disadvantages of Ti
springs, prices, performance etc.  Graydon indicated that weight is the
primary savings, I see that as the nth degree of savings, esp on a q, where
replacing the seats could accomplish more.  I am also of the understanding
that springs, by definition are part of sprung weight, not unsprung weight,
which makes me question the logic further.

Has anyone priced a Ti conversion, on a race or a street car?  Can one get
Progressive, Linear, dual rate?  Since the one that claimed to have them
made, finally admitted for racing only, I will presume that to be a linear
application.  Anyone btdt on ANY car, race or street who can
contrast/compare?  As usual, my quest for information misinterpreted by one,
still looking for a response to the basic questions of Ti in springs.  Always
admitting my claim is only ignorance (and always smile at the reminder), and
a couple of putt putt audis.

Only paranoid about pressure transucers at 4.9v beyond 1.4 bar, thankfully,
by definition, a group therapy issue.

Scott Justusson, S.O.B.
'87 5ktqRS2Ti2BORnot2B
'84 UrqRS2BITW2B2
'85 FJ1100