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Re: Some Solstice in the Weeds

>> because gas charging kept the oil where is supposed to be when you
>> install the shock upside down to make the tube sprung and the piston
>> unsprung....
>Main purpose of the high-pressure gas seems to be to avoid cavitation,
>which plays hob w/ damping rate?  Cavitating in a valve can be rough on
>the valve, too.  In flashing fluid flow applications, for example, I
>generally prefer to flash across an orifice downstream of the control

Penske played with it first so he could mount the shocks Upside down on a 
trans-am car to reduce unsprung mass.  The Bennies we realized later.

BTW you mentioned dead coils not counting in the Sprung/unsprung 
argument.  Full on Race cars have less than 1/2 coil per end dead, so it 
is generally not counted in the equation.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO