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> I too have mulled this over.  My big worry is that I will be providing a
> more direct route for rocks, gravel, sand, salt and good old H2O into the
> intake.  It would be fairly simple to set up a nice flared horn (say, my
> useless Craftsman sawdust catcher on my radial arm saw) right behind the
> right side of the grille and duct it straight to the airbox.  Certainly
> would be a big improvement over the stock "behind the bumper extension"
> opening.  I currently just have the airbox with both inlets (cold/warm) open
> to the engine compartment.  Drawbacks, anyone who has BTDT?
... so many people are wanting to get a better intake air feed, but 
concerned about the ramifications :) involved with taking the intake 
from the front of the car.  Has anyone thought of the old late '60's 
trick of tapping into the high pressure area at the base of the wind-
shield?  Seems to me that would resolve your water ingestion problems 
at the same time.  You didn't need that air for the passenger compart-
ment anyway ...

Hey honey ... do you remember what I did with that old shaker hood?  ;-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)