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Re: Wheels STOLEN in NH

> Please keep your eye out for a set of four
> six spoke wheels that will fit on a 4k or
> 80/90 that were stolen last night off my
> car in Merrimack, New Hampshire.
Good grief!  I'm sorry to hear about your wheels being stolen.  I wish
that I lived somewhere in the area so there'd be a chance I could help;
it would be great if someone on the list actually helps find the perps!
I doubt it would happen, but you do know that there are more eyes than 
yours and those of the police now looking!  It would be great for those
on the other side of the law to know that the internet can be their foe
as well ...

Good luck Glenn!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

... the only pleasure I can take is the fact that the last time I had a
stereo stolen from my car it was one that had a cassette jammed into the 
mechanism!  ;-)