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Re: Buy an '85 5000 S

Hello Mark ...

Sorry to hear that you are having such issues with your car.  Whereas I 
cannot dispute your issues, if the only problem you're having is with 
door handles, that is something that getting the right piece of informa-
tion can resolve.  I believe that Mountain Automotive Products in Colorado
has recognized the frailty of the Audi doorhandles and have engineered a 
fix.  There is a magazine called European Car that had a favorable review 
of the package in the last year.  If I would ever have had a problem with
door handles on any of my four Audis I'd probably be able to give you a 
more definitive answer ...

I don't want to start another round of marque bashing, but I do have a 
friend who has sworn off Volvos as a result of his experience with a 246 
that he purchased new.  IMHO, the problems you are be having could be 
traced to the care and maintenance the car received during the 12 years 
that it was owned by others.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)