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Re: Buy an '85 5000 S

On the Mark Consulting wrote:
> I replaced my 1979 Volvo 242DL last Fall with an '84 5000S and have been
> most disappointed. While my Volvo lacked the accessories and rapid
> acceleration that the Audi has, it was considerably cheaper to run and much
> easier to fix. My Audi has left me in the lurch too many times recently and
> I am totally sick the prices Audi charges for its parts. They also seem to
> be notorious for going through door handles. I contacted Audi to question
> them about how poorly the door handles are constructed and was told that
> they would do something about 3 of them failing on my car(I now open the
> driver's side door with a piece of string that runs into the back seat). I
> enjoy driving the car, but I do not enjoy owning it. I am giving serious
> thought to sending mine to the wreckers rather than bothering fixing it once
> again. I am at the point where I would rather write off what I've sunk into
> the car than letting it nickel and dime me into the poor house. I would say
> that 99% of the list members love their cars and maybe I've ended up with a
> lemon, but it also seems that every time I try and find a used replacement
> part for something that has failed on my car, I am told that it is as rare
> as hen's teeth because that part always fails.
> Mark Milotay, Principal
> On the Mark Consulting
> http://www.bc1.com/users/otmc
If you want to buy a 5000S, look at an '86 or newer model.  Many of the
problems in the '84 and '85 models were cured in 1986.

The key to owning a used/older Audi is having a reliable mechanic (could
be yourself) and knowing a good Parts person who can get you the parts
you need at well below the dealership price.  Check out the Qlist for
parts people.  Some will mail order parts to you and still at a discount
from the dealer.
Rick H. Louie
1984 Coupe GT - Zermatt Silver, Chocolate Brown Leatherette, 124K