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Wheels STOLEN in NH

Please keep your eye out for a set of four
six spoke wheels that will fit on a 4k or
80/90 that were stolen last night off my
car in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

These were brand new (installed 2wks ago)
15inch MB6 wheels with 205/50-15 P700.

The MB6 is a takeoff of the Borbet C and since
the Discount Tire Direct webpage sucks, I cannot
show an actual picture of them. You can see it
in all of their magazine ads, however.

They look exactly like the Borbet C:
except have a black center cap with the
letters "MB" in silver.

If anyone tries to sell you these wheels, or
if you see them on a car nearby (they're pretty
unusual and I haven't seen any others locally)
please contact me at lawtonglenn@gsmai.com
or by calling 603-668-1900, or call the Merrimack
Police at 603-424-2222.