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4000CS vs. Quantum Syncro

I am currently working to sell my Corrado VR6 and if I do, I will replace it
with a 4000CSQ or Quantum Syncro Wagon.

Any pointers I should look out for?  What kind of performance mods are
available for each car?     

Also....I am looking at a 1986 4000CSQ w/170k on it for $2700.   Nice
car.....well maintained....
that car vs. a 1987 Quantum Syncro Wagon w/140k on it for $3000.    Nice car
also, a rarer car....but also harder to find performance parts and other

I would love to hear the opinions of the Quattro group on this.....
Please reply directly to my email address......as this list is furious with
and I thought corrado-l was bad?!?!?