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Re: Steering Wheel Alignment

Rob Winchell <rbw@avs.com> wrote:

>The steering wheel in my 200 is mis-aligned, so that when the wheels are
>straight, the steering wheel is pointed at about 11 o'clock. This is
>obviously annoying. Any thoughts on how this got this way and how to fix

Very annoying indeed. If you car has no air bag: straighten wheels, pull
off horn pad, undo very large nut in centre (24mm on mine) and pull
steering wheel off.
Now put it on again, moving it a couple of notches.
You have to be very careful indeed when straightening the wheels, otherwise
you'll have accomplished nothing. There's a torque wrench setting in your
'shop manual for tightening the nut. Simple- at least on my car it is.



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