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Wheels STOLEN in NH

 -=> Lawtonglenn@gsmai.com illuminates us with <=-

 La> Please keep your eye out for a set of four

 La> 80/90 that were stolen last night off my
 La> car in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

     Unless they have something to identify them
     specifically, such as an engraved number,
     even if someone spots them around town, how
     you going to prove they're yours? You're just
     SOL on this one.

     Same thing happened to a friend of mine who had
     a Supra. He spotted his wheels on a piece o' crap
     Corolla in Jamaica Plain, could tell they were his
     (scratches supposedly matched) but couldn't do a
     thing about it. Police said the guy in the Corolla
     was well known to them as a thief and worse, but they
     had no way of verifying his ownership. Each wheel/tire
     was worth more than the entire corolla.

     McGuard them and etch your VIN number on the inside of
     the rims next time. (Advise I myself haven't followed yet
     on my cars.)

     Good Luck

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