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Re: Wheels STOLEN in NH

Cobram wrote:
>      Unless they have something to identify them
>      specifically, such as an engraved number,
>      even if someone spots them around town, how
>      you going to prove they're yours? You're just
>      SOL on this one.

Not completely.  I had a set of 15x7 Borbet Type C's (what is it about
those wheels?) that were stolen off my car last August.  When I was
grilling the officer about what I could do if I spotted my wheels around
town, his response was, "Call us immediately and try to keep an eye on
the car until someone (a cop) arrives.  As soon as the detective
handling your case is contacted, you'll have a chance to identify your

It never happened, but even w/o serial #'s or having deliberately marked
the rims, there were a couple of things that he said would have
sufficed.  Primarily, if they were the same wheel/tire combo that I
reported stolen, and if I could describe any identifing marks w/o seeing
the wheels first.

In my case that would have been a yes.  Two of the wheels had had tools
or lugbolts dropped on them and I knew exactly where/what size the chips
in the paint were.  There was also some very distinct tire wear since
they had been used at the track the day before and not driven on since. 
I gave all of this info to the officer for his report, and was told,
"that will be more than sufficient."

>      McGuard them and etch your VIN number on the inside of
>      the rims next time. (Advise I myself haven't followed yet
>      on my cars.)

Very good advice, but my local shop said that McGard didn't make a bolt
in the right threads for our cars.  Oh well.


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