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Oil Comsumption (Was : '90 Coupe Q. Blue Smoke, Help!)

Long time, no post-but still hear reading.

My 1993 90 with 39k miles received new head gaskets, crank seal, pan
gasket, and valve cover gaskets last August on Audi's ticket (primarily
supporting the head gasket replacement) along with a whole set of new
injectors (because two leaked--Dealers!!). They filled with castrol
which I changed to Mobil1 at the first change.  When I changed the oil
the last time, the pan had a small amount (coating) of oil on it.

With only 9k miles since all the seal work, the car went back into the
dealer consuming 1qt every thousand to twelve hundred miles to inspect
the oil coating the pan.  The dealer replaced a leaky water pump, did a
dye test and advised they cannot find any oil leaks. They also advised
Audi released a tech bulletin saying 1k miles per quart is 'normal
range'. I don't buy that!!

In the last couple of days, there's been a couple of possible
explainations for my oil consumption; using too light of viscosity
(currently 10w-30) and a bad crankcase ventalation valve (I do notice
the diagnosed 'slight odor of oil' inside the car from time to time).
I'm going to go to a heavier viscosity oil (maybe 15W-50) at the next
change and see if that has any effect on consumption.

Does anyone have other ideas??  Does the 2.8 v6 have a crankcase
ventalation valve?  Where is it and how can it be tested (no Bently
available for this beast yet -- couple of months and $250+)??

Any help would be appreciated

Rob Campbell	Home: spiker1@gte.net	Work:
93  90 CSQ 2.8
87  CGT 2.3