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A good Rain Tire?

In a month or two, I am replacing the tires on my stock 86 4kcsq. What
would be the best _rain_ tire?  Size would be 195/60/HR 14.

BACKGROUND: Been running Bridgestone Turanza's which started losing their
rain grip after about 10,000 miles.
Otherwise, they stayed balanced and round, while providing a good
compromise on handling and ride
over the bumps and potholes. And they moved me around in the winter.(Will
certainly consider the Bridgestone Potenza.) Had a set of Toyo's before
that. Lots of flat spotting, didn't stay round.

Most of my driving is in the upper midwest on streets and highways at legal
speeds with just 2 people in the car. I don't race or rally. I slow down in
wet or icy weather. (Hope I didn't just lose 90% of my readers.)

The one situation where I want very good performance is on wet streets and
highways, where reliable traction
is necessary.  My daily driving usually includes a few close calls, mostly
adjustments to the unexpected
actions of nearby drivers, or people thoughtlessly getting out of parked
cars just as I approach them. You all can relate daily stories of your own.

SUMMARY: In dry weather, most tires handle the situation.  In wet weather,
the safety margin narrows down to where I think I  want an advantage, if
there is one to be had.

WHAT DO I THINK I KNOW? The Goodyear Aquatred comes to mind. What a scary
looking tread. Makes me wonder how it would perform on a quattro.  Never
saw anything on the list regarding Goodyear Aquatreds. I think they make an
Aquatred Eagle in the 195/60/HR 14. Any information would be appreciated.

Q-listers say generally good things about Dunlop ....60....40.....8000.
Which is best for wet traction?

Pirelli gets good press from some on the list, as does Bridgestone.
Michelin is less well thought of, and Goodyear gets mixed reviews.But maybe
they make a good rain tire. I don't know.

And I can't find where anyone has addressed the tire decision from the
viewpoint of wet traction at legal speeds.

That is why I am posting this question. Someone is going to have
considerable test data, and most people will have personal experience based
on a small sample, like under ten sets of tires, on their own cars.

I am very interested in both kinds of replies, if anyone has time to respond.