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Re: A good Rain Tire?

In a message dated 97-03-29 01:06:48 EST, you write:

<< The one situation where I want very good performance is on wet streets and
 highways, where reliable traction
 is necessary.  My daily driving usually includes a few close calls, mostly
 adjustments to the unexpected
 actions of nearby drivers, or people thoughtlessly getting out of parked
 cars just as I approach them. You all can relate daily stories of your own.
 SUMMARY: In dry weather, most tires handle the situation.  In wet weather,
 the safety margin narrows down to where I think I  want an advantage, if
 there is one to be had.
 WHAT DO I THINK I KNOW? The Goodyear Aquatred comes to mind. What a scary
 looking tread. Makes me wonder how it would perform on a quattro.  Never
 saw anything on the list regarding Goodyear Aquatreds. I think they make an
 Aquatred Eagle in the 195/60/HR 14. Any information would be appreciated.
 Q-listers say generally good things about Dunlop ....60....40.....8000.
 Which is best for wet traction?

If you are really serious about traction in glop ( oops ) you should
consider starting with a smaller footprint.  Alternatives would be
185/65x14 or 175/70x14 which was the factory specified "winter
package size" Unless it's imperative that the side of your face be 
pressed against the door window on the off ramp there's no reason
why you can't consider going to the narrower tread.  Your best
move from that point is get the the tire with an open tread that 
let's the water get out. Bearing in mind that the more open the tread,
( the more like a snow tire ) the noisier the tire will be and it will
have a shorter life... 

As far as wet traction is concerned, 
take any respose to "brand experience" with a grain of salt
here as one of the most important factors for wet traction is 
"toe" and tires are often blamed for the flaws that can be 
corrected by proper inflation, balance and alignment.

Tires are like oils, ask 10 people and you'll get 10 answers.

Vince Lyons