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Re: VW synchro vs 4000Q

In a message dated 97-03-29 00:35:27 EST, you write:

<<  However, in the A3 and TT (which are based on VW's next-generation Golf
platform -- perversely called the A4 platform internally!) will use a
VW-style viscous coupling all-wheel drive system.
 So what it is coming down to is that neither "quattro" or "Syncro" define a
particular system architecture.  They simply indicate which manufacturer has
its name on the car. >>

That makes sense...

the same person that does part number supersessions
also does the deck lid emblems... Le's see... The C body is an A6
which was a 100 which was a 5000S which was a 5000 but then 
the big car was the 100LS... Isn't that just super ! ( 90 ) but then there's
the 90 not to be confused with the Super 90  which is 10 better
than an 80 and is missing 10 that are in the 100 !!! But that C body
that's an A6...Well, sometimes if it's got big horsepower it's
an S6, but it could be an S4... BUT!!!! in parts world they are
are only slightly different.. The 200 is a 447 the 100 is a 443 the
80 is an 893, the V8 is a 441 but the engine is an 077, the
V6 although it's 2 less is one higher at 078... and on 
and on and on... which can never be confused with a 
Porsche 914 that sometimes is a Volkswagen , 
just like the Chevy in the US might be a 
Pontiac in Canada... 

Ah, Syncro is an emblem, I understand. 

Vince Lyons