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Re: Dynos

In a message dated 97-03-27 20:22:03 EST, you write:

<< > If one cks the glovebox, the owners manual of the 5ktq indicates the
 > procedure on dyno testing the quattro.  Disconnect rear driveshaft at the
 > transmission and lock center differential.  Obviously, Audi is aware of
 > lack of 4w dynos as well.
 > Scott
 I thought that you said that such a mod is not possible????
 Reason (according to you) was it would not be a FWD/RWD even if diffs
 locked.  You are not very consistant in your reasoning, Scott.
 Randall C. Markarian
>>> >>
Very consistant actually.  If you read the thread to which you refer, it was
in reference to suspension and "equalization" argument on a TRACK.  I don't
argue physics.  If you disconnect the rear driveshaft you will get 100% of
the power to the front wheels with the center diff locked.  For a dyno test a
simple and logical, and physics argument.  What would be inconsistant, is if
I said this procedure was to equal the driving properties of awd and fwd/rwd.
 Quoting the archives doesn't really bother me, you will find me consitant
for 3+ years here Randall.  I do encourage you to finish the thread though.

So, let me repeat.  The owners manual documents that disconnecting the rear
driveshaft for dyno testing is recommended on a 2 wheel dyno.