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RE: Bought a micro-fiche viewer.

Actually, it *is* possible to modify a standard fiche reader to read VAG
microfiche -- I have one such modified beast (the conversion was done by
a friend, not me, so I don't have precise details).  The "real" VAG
viewers are still much easier to operate than the hacked units, and have
much bigger screens for easier reading.

Make friends with your dealer's parts guy ... they may just have an old
one collecting dust in the corner.  I bought one such unit for $20 a few
years ago (no, I don't have have it any more).

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>Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 21:44:08 GMT
>From: quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne)
>Subject: Bought a micro-fiche viewer.
>In message <> Antilles
>Engineering writes:
>> Bought a mico-fiche viewer at a yard sale the other day--$30!  This, in
>> anticipation of being about to buy the fabled Bentley on fiche.  Can anyone
>> supply same?  We have a stable of two (lovely) 1990 200tq, a sedan and a
>> wagon, both in their "prime."  
>Hmm.  Beware of the fact that VAG microfiche are an utterly unique size
>from, allegedly, BMW motorbike fiche).
>They're around 7" by 9" (though one of those numbers has to have 0.5"
>and I can't remember which).  In short, 99.999999% of the microfiche viewers 
>you're likely to find second-hand _won't_ read wierd Audi fiche.