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Why? (Hedgehogs)

Don't knock us colonials too hard - many of us do know about 
hedgehogs, and not just from "Alice in Wonderland".  How many British 
subjects know what an armadillo is and how much damage it can do to 
your car?  

>From: quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne)
>In message <970330103627_1649548855@emout07.mail.aol.com>
>Raudi83TQ@aol.com writes:
>> Most colonials don't even know what a hedgehog is, let alone waste
>> brake pads or tire compound on them, Phil. I'll try to remember to
>> fill that dish of cream for 'em before getting into why my
>> alternator is screaming.
>I know.  Apparently one of our recent fairy-tale successes was filmed
>with raccoons 'cos the dumb colonials can't be bothered to work out
>what a badger is.