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RE: 85 urQ

The most likely reason my idle "was" screwy is vacuum leaks as was
pointed out to me. After work last night I redialed in the CO to a
little over 50%. This made the idle climb to around 1200rpm so I turned
in the idle speed screw too. Now she idles fine hot or cold. 
 This was a temparay fix for the car just to get her more drivable. When
I have time I'll do plugs, cap and rotor to get a good baseline to work
from. Then I'll replace any suspect vacuum lines and dial her in again.
 Currently the car is running great. It will be tought getting back into
the Scirocco tomorrow but I promised myself I wouldn't rack up huge
amounts of miles on this car.
Anton J. Gaidos, III
PC Design
Motorola Computer Group
"The fortunate man knows how much he can safely leave to chance"

>From: 	Brett M. Clapham[SMTP:clapham@rohan.sdsu.edu]
>Sent: 	Monday, March 31, 1997 4:30 PM
>To: 	Anton Gaidos III
>Subject: 	RE:  85 urQ
>Your idle problem might be related to faulty throttle position switches.
>There are two of them.  They are located on the throttle body.  There is
>one on the top and one underneath (a pain to get at).  The one underneath
>is the idle switch, if it goes then the car will idle very much the way you
>have described.  New, the part is about $80.  Good Luck.
>85 4KQ -- 130,000mi