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Re: V8 lights on a 4000?

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:
> Hey all, not too long ago, I was browsing Euro Car for great deals and ran
> accross a small add for JT motorsport.  They claim to have a V8 kit for
> coupe/4000's.  I called them, and they told me that I would have to buy the
> catalog to get more info.  How rude.  Anyone else see this?

	I assume you're refering to the cosmetic front end conversion, right?
If you are, then look in back issues and in one of their ads you'll find
a picture. If you ask me, I like. The front spoiler and side skirts were
a bit much though, as usual, which made me wonder if the
hood/lights/grill part of the conversion could be bought separately. I
saw the picture probably less than a year ago, but I could be off and
you may have search farther back, or pay and wait for the catalog. If it
didn't list a price, I remember it being roughly around the same price
as their other conversion kits, but for some strange reason the grossly
large price of $4000 keeps popping up in my head(maybe the true price is
$1400 and thus the '4' in my mind). I hope this is of some help.

I personally wouldn't do much more than re-paint my Comm. Design C-GT.