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Re: V8 lights on a 4000?

>         ...................cosmetic front end conversion......
> If you are, then look in back issues and in one of their ads you'll ...
> .......picture probably less than a year ago, but I could be off and
> you may have search farther back.

	Nope, exactly one year ago. The pictures of the JT motorsport 4K to V8
conversion appear in the Feb. of '96 and March of '96 E.C. mags, and
possibly other issues too, of course.

> didn't list a price, I remember it being roughly around the same price
> as their other conversion kits, but for some strange reason the grossly
> large price of $4000 keeps popping up in my head

	In ads mentioned above, price of $169 was given for the light/grill
conversion only. Rest of body mods were not priced. BTW, I realized 4000
kept popping into my head because it's a kit for the Audi 4K! Stupid me.

I personally wouldn't do much more than re-paint my Comm. Design C-GT.