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Loss of power in my '92 100 CSQ

For the second time in the year I've owned my '92 100 CSQ (with
automatic) it has been suffering from power loss problems. Usually it's
from a cold start - maybe thirty seconds after starting and driving off
it loses all power for a few seconds. It has never stalled. Sometimes it
happens from a warm start after the car has been sitting for an hour or
so. The idle is a little rough. This time it's also losing power when
driving along, although not as bad as it does when it first starts up.
I've seen the check engine go on once for only a few seconds when the
problem reappeared a few weeks ago.

Last year I took it to a shop that did these things: change the spark
plugs, change the fuel filter, made sure the engine block was properly
grounded. The car ran somewhat better after that, but it didn't cure it.

However, after a few weeks the problem went away on its own.

Both time this problem appeared, it was almost immediately after doing
track driving. Any idea how that could cause this problem?

I've ran a few tanks of gas with Autobahn brand gas additive, hoping the
problem is some carbon deposits that need to be gotten rid of. It hasn't
seemed to help.

I've been told I may want to soak my cold start valve in carb cleaner to
get rid of carbon deposits. Also, changing my spark plug wires.

Has anyone else have similar problems with the Audi V6? And ideas on how
to fix it? I haven't taken it to a shop yet, but will if it doesn't fix
itself this time.


Doug Rudoff      Ark Interface II, Inc     Seattle, WA