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Re: How to tighten headrest-urq

Hi Anton,
> The head rests on my car are pretty loose. Is there a way to tighten
> these up?

Yeah. It's called "Recaros". Seriously. If it's just loose headrests, consider
yourself lucky. The seats in mine are really loose and rattly. The seatbacks 
are loose with respect to the seat bottoms (and the little plastic sleeves
on the seatback catches are not gouged) and the seat bottoms are loose in the
tracks (and there are new bushings on the seat sliders). If there's nobody
in the passenger seat, it squeaks and rattles as I drive down the road. It
really annoys me because the car is otherwise quiet and solid. The driver's
seat creaks like crazy whenver I use a pedal or turn, and I only weigh 300
lbs. Kidding. I weigh 170, so I don't think I'm putting that much strain on
the seat. The seats are just junk, basically. I haven't noticed a problem 
with headrests, though. The only part of the seats that seems to work!

I love the heated seats, though. The only redeming feature.

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