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Re: my 85 urQ (exhaust)

> Borla makes an excellent line of stainless steel mufflers (and systems but,
> sadly, no Audi apps).

Interestingly, Borla used to make an ur-quattro system. If anyone has the
old (1994 or 1995?) IPC catalog, it lists it. The entire system ran about
$800, as I recall. I called them about it a couple years ago, but they didn'
them any more. I then called Borla about it, and was told that they never 
made one. But the guy I talked to didn't seem real interested in anything 
but getting off the phone. Anyway, I think a couple list members have ur-q's
with the Borla systems, and I know Rob Houk (you still out there?) has one
on his car. It looks like these systems were only available when these cars
were relatively new - during the mid 80's. Like Abt stuff. All gone now.

> If you have a decent custom exhaust shop in your
> area, its not that big a deal to select an appropriately sized model and have
> your shop hook it up with stainless pipe.

Like Phil said, the best way to go is with your old ur-q system. The boxes
rot, the pipes don't. But, I think finding the appropriate boxes might be
tricky. These systems are 2.5", which is pretty large in diameter. The rear
box (1 inlet, 2 outlet x 2.5") is probably easy to find, but the resonator
has its inlets and outlets offset. I've looked at Flowmasters and stuff in
Hot Rod shops and never see any with the inlet and outlet offset.

> These units have a pleasing throaty
> quality. The "hemi" model I installed is almost straight through. The inlet
> and outlet tube ends are offset creating just enough of a jog (zig?) in the
> perforated through pipe that you cannot see directly through it.. Perhaps this 
> slight impediment is enough to allow the perforations+chamber+absorbtion
> filler to achieve sound attenuation. I also suspect there is some art in the
> perforation pattern and fill.  I've also heard a "turbo" model on a 90 20V
> and it also produces a pleasing sound.

Companies like Techtonics (watercooled VW tuner) seem to like them, and they
search out the best compnents to use in their VW exhausts. Plus, Borla seems
to be one of the few companies that manufactures theie boxes in stainless. I
don't know if Flowmasters and the others are available in stainless.

> On the other hand, your Aunt
> Bertie might wonder if you have a hole in your muffler. (BTW, this is
> with stock cats in place. Your actual milage may vary.)

I never take my cat for a ride in my car. This may make the car slightly
louder. I can tell you that my car sounds weird right now with the Scorpion
resonator front piece and the stock baffled rear. It sounds exactly like a
Model T at idle. No bass to it at all. Once you get going, it sounds OK.
It's not that loud inside the car, but my friends always know when I arrive
at their houses, if you know what I mean. I'm curious to see what the matching
Scorpion rear piece does to the sound. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you all
in 2-3 weeks.

Good day.
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