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My Ins.Co.Stinks Follow-up

For those of you fellow Q-listers who know the seven month nightmare (my 200
Q hit a tree Aug of 1996 and still isnt fixed properly) that I have been
living, I could really use some sound advice.  I guess I finally made enough
waves to have Liberty Mutual Ins.Co. budge.  I contacted their home office
last Friday and was promised a return call from them on monday.  As of this
morning I still had not heard from them so I phoned again and spoke to that
special someone's supervisor.  I had to wait for a ride home from work last
night for seven hours, so I was very one sided and long winded.  The
supervisor listened to me and apologized for my aggravation.  During the
conversation with her towards resolution, a topic that I brought up was that
of totalling the car outright so that I could get on with my life.  She
'promised' a return phone call tommorow and a speedy resolution to my
situation.  My car has been worked on, and for the most part repaired except
for a zillion broken missalinged stripped shorted malfunctioning poorly
repaired issues.  The car just doesnt look, act or "run" (I say the term
"run" loosely) the same.  They have had possesion of my car (except for 4
days) for seven months now.  It has depreciated and corroded itself into

     My question is, what is the car worth (If it is considered totalled)?
 Should I push the issue of totaling it?  If they total it, do they subtract
the amount of money that they have already put into it?  Keeping in mind that
I love the look of the 200, the fact that it is a black on black as well as a
turbo which most recent models that I could afford dont have.  I also owe
somewhere around six grand on the car still and with my recent payment
history, If I take the money and try to put it down on something else,  I may
not qualify.  Should I ask for compensation for not having use of my car for
seven months? How do I put a value on pure aggrivation, whats it worth?
 Please send asprin...........TIA

Brian (With a headache so big its got Liberty Mutual written all over it)