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Re: my 85 urQ (exhaust)

> I bought a Borla system from IPC in 1990.  Tried in vain to put it on my '83
> UrQ.  Eventually I called Borla - he said they only made a few systems - knew
> they had fitment problems and that if I couldn't get it to work return it to
> IPC and he'd work with IPC re credit.  I called Rod at IPC and had no problem
> in its return.

Ha! That's funny - the one person I know with the Borla system on an ur-q
complains about it to no end ("back when I had my Lotus europa..."). So 
maybe it's just a bad system and we should be glad that it's NLA.

As far as the Stebro system Pete Orman mentioned, I'd be careful. From the
info on their web page, it looks like they group the 4Kq and ur-q together.
Like there's one system for both cars. So unless they have a 2.5" diameter
system for the 4kq...

Borla also has a web page: www.borla.com
> BTW there's not much room for the exhaust on an UrQ and I went with the
> factory system.  Also,as I recall if you're not positioned exactly correct
> the exhaust will hit the rear differential or the underside of the car.

Yep. I installed those roller-chain exhaust hangers from Techtonics when I
put in my Scorpion system, and this seems to help hold everything in the 
right position. But, you still have to play with the triangular clamp 
juctions to get everything lined up right. What fun.

Good day.
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