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Re: my 85 urQ (exhaust)

In a message dated 97-04-03 10:07:36 EST, you write:

<< Gentlemen,
 > Borla makes an excellent line of stainless steel mufflers (and systems
 > sadly, no Audi apps).
 Interestingly, Borla used to make an ur-quattro system. If anyone has the
 old (1994 or 1995?) IPC catalog, it lists it. The entire system ran about
 $800, as I recall. I called them about it a couple years ago, but they didn'
 them any more. I then called Borla about it, and was told that they never 
 made one. But the guy I talked to didn't seem real interested in anything 
 but getting off the phone. Anyway, I think a couple list members have ur-q's
 with the Borla systems, and I know Rob Houk (you still out there?) has one
 on his car. It looks like these systems were only available when these cars
 were relatively new - during the mid 80's. Like Abt stuff. All gone now.

Thank God !!

I bought a Borla system from IPC in 1990.  Tried in vain to put it on my '83
UrQ.  Eventually I called Borla - he said they only made a few systems - knew
they had fitment problems and that if I couldn't get it to work return it to
IPC and he'd work with IPC re credit.  I called Rod at IPC and had no problem
in its return.

BTW there's not much room for the exhaust on an UrQ and I went with the
factory system.  Also,as I recall if you're not positioned exactly correct
the exhaust will hit the rear differential or the underside of the car.