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Re: question about 4wd

In a message dated 97-04-02 10:00:42 EST, you write:

<<  Someone came up with the
 figure of GBP5700 for an ur-quattro gearbox ($9250) and we all made a
 mental note to check our oil levels, no matter _what_ Audi says.  Then
 we discovered that, as far as records indicate, _NO_ gearboxes have ever
 been sold in the UK as spares.  "Well," said Martin of BR Motorsport,
 "are you surprised?  It's agricultural."
 The term stuck, and is now commonly used.  If you strip out an
 ur-quattro's gearbox and compare it with a sports car's and a tractor's,
 it's interesting which is closer.  Of course, if it weren't so, people
 taking off the harmonic balancer bolt in non-recommended ways would have
 much less pleasant experiences.  The drive train was designed for
 homologation purposes to take 400bhp in regular applications and 600bhp
 in special ones - any ur-quattro owner looking at the underside of an
 S1 will readily recognise most of the components.  The measly 200bhp
 that a stock 10v ur-quattro puts down it is hardly felt.

Dear Phil:

For what ever it worth, the prior owner of my recently sold '83 UrQ had the
unfortunate problem of having the transmission replaced.  As I recall the
service records he had a clutch replaced by the dealer in early February
1990.  Within three weeks the transmission locked up and the car was towed to
the same dealer.  Dealer says, "You need a new transmission." He said, "Gulp
- OK."  Bill for tranny was $4500 (uninstalled).

So at least one was sold in the states as a replacement.