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F/S '95 S6

To whomever may care:

I spoke to my Audi dealer Friday and he told me that he just received in
trade a '95 S-6.   I happen to have a Boxster on order and its due either in
May or June, so I told him I'd pass on his S-6.  I just happened to be within
a few miles of the dealership today so I stopped by and took a look.  The car
looks pretty good.  Here's the particulars - mileage is 35,000, exterior is
green metallic, interior is ecru.  Leather looks excellent - no wear marks.
Engine starts fine and idles well - I didn't drive it.  Exterior has several
door ding marks but the metal is not dented - maybe just scratches in the
clearcoat. A quick look at under the hood and under the rear trunk carpet
disclosed no damage. Has C/D player in trunk, K&N filter (does this mean
chips ahoy!).  Car traded in for '97 540i BMW (ite y eannie) w/manual trans.
 Asking price $35,9.  

Due to the mileage and the fact that it does have a rear diff. locking
switch, I don't believe that this was one of the 95.5 cars.??  Didn't the
95.5s have this deleted?
The year vin code for this car is "S".  Is this the same for the 95.5s?

If you're interested call  Dragi Mladenovich at Laurel Motors, Westmont, IL
(outside Chicago) at 630-655-6700 x211.  Tell him I sent you and you learned
about it on the Q internet. It will blow him away.  BTW usual disclaimers

ALSO, this trade-in is so new it is not yet in the Chicago papers.