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1990 CQ suspension questions

I got my 1990 CQ back from the collision repair shop. The new 16" wheels
look mahvelous! One itty bitty little problem. The left front and right
front wheel locations are not symmetrical WRT bodywork. The LF is set
into the wheel well about 1/2", the RF is flush with the fender lip. The
LF corner is about 1/2" higher than the RF. This leads to the RF tire
hitting the edge of the wheel opening on the fender at the least
provocation. The collision shop _will_ be getting it back to fix, but
they work better with *guidance*, dontchaknow.

A brief history is that the car was hit a glancing blow by another car,
ostensibly travelling the same direction (they install mirrors for a
*reason*, dummy) while we both were travelling at about 40mph, on the
left side drivers door, and the impact pushed me into a granite curb on
the right side. Bodywork on the left got fixed. Right rims were ruined,
as was the RF ball joint. I took the opportunity to buy four 16x7.5"
ET35 rims with four new Dunlop D40M2s for about US$200 more than the
insurance estimate was for two new Speedlines. The new tires are within
a fraction of an inch in outside diameter of the stock ones, and are
only 20mm wider than stock. The car got a four wheel alignment after the
bodywork was finished, and it tracks nice and straight.

The LF fits fine, the RF doesn't. Where should I be looking (and
directing) to figure out what's different left to right? I'm thinking
strut bearings, subframe bushings, bent strut, broken spring, or who
knows what. Any ideas?

Actually _I'm_ not thinking strut bearings, Chris Semple pointed them
out to me. I called him up on the way to the collision shop, and asked
him if he could look at things, He said sure, bring it on up. I did, he
did, and fit me into a very busy schedule on extremely short notice. Who
says customer service is dead?

Anybody got any (good) ideas? TIA

-Ian Duff.