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Re: speaker or tape deck ?

>I am convinced that you are right.  I will be choosing between a pair of
>4" MacRom or Lancer speakers.  They are 2-way co-axial speakers. 
>Supposed to be much better than the standard 4" speakers.
>Has anyone listen to either the MacRom or Lancer speakers ?

One last word of advice.  I highly recommend replacing the head unit before
the speakers.  You may think that your old speakers don't sound good, but,
chances are they are receiving a clean enough or strong enough signal.

Putting new speakers to a stock head unit is like putting slicks on a car
with 100 hp.  A guy with 500hp and skinny tires is still going to win.

Also, if you are convinced on buying speakers instead of a new head, you
better not buy real nice ones because anything over the lowest models is
meant to be pushed by an external amplifier.

I am not trying to say that everyone else is wrong.  I am just trying to
help you out.  I have been a car stereo nut for a long time and have worked
at a local car stereo shop.  Time after time, the happiest customers were
the ones with a new head unit.

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