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Tech Art Steering Wheel

	I get the Performance catalogue for Porsche owners (no, but I wish I did
own one) and I noticed an item in it that stuck in my head. It's a steering
wheel by a company called Tech Art. They take your existing Porsche airbag
wheel and refit it with leather, and mould it so it has the F1 style
thumbrests etc like MOMO wheels have. The whole process will run you like
$1200 through Performance, and I'm sure there is downtime without your
steering wheel. Still the final product looks incredible. About this I have
2 questions.
1. Do you think they could do it to an Audi Sport Steering wheel (3-spoke
Avus inspired design) that came in the S6 and comes as an option in the A4.
Since they actually perform the process to your wheel I am guessing yes,
but maybe someone with more experience with Techart could say.
2. Who is Tech Art? I'm guessing they are a German Engineering/Auto
Accessory firm, and I know they make really nice (and expensive) stuff for
Porsches, but do they make stuff for Audis, BMWs etc. I think I saw a cell
phone holder listed somewhere for Bimmers that was made by Tech Art.