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90 90q20V Upgaded Hi-Po Brakes

From: Paul Royal@IDX1 on 04/04/97 03:40 PM

To:   quattro@coimbra.ans.net, audi-20v@avs.com
cc:   s-chambers2@ti.com
Subject:  90 90q20V Upgaded Hi-Po Brakes

Good Day Folks,

     I wanted to share some info on a minor brake upgrade to my 90-90Q20 in
 hopes that
it will help others wanting to do something similar.
     It seems as though the 90-90 20v sedans were built with whatever was
lyin' around on the
factory floor at Ingolstadt.  I had been considering a G60 conversion but
decided that I
couldn't afford to throw out my other 14 inch tires and rims which will NOT
 work with a
     If you are unfortunate enough to have the "small" front rotors on your
 car as I do,
you will find that there is a very limited market for the rotors and will
probably find that
it is considered a dealer only part that will cost you somewhere between
$120-$132US each...
or much more as I found out.
     The overall diameter of the "small" rotors is 256mm as opposed to
276mm (found on most
coupes) and the center hole is 68mm with a 30mm "tophat" (offset from the
rotor face).
The portion between the rotor face and top hat is NOT vented in the joint.
  I'm making
a point of this because most of the books on the car were *wrong* or
confusing at
     SOLUTION:  Call BEST PRICE in Ottawa Canada and talk to Terry or Julie
 (Terry was
recommended to me, but I talked to Julie who besides having one of the
sexiest voices North
of the border was incredibly pleasant and helpful.  I faxed a rough
schematic of my brakes
(availble in BMP form from me for the asking) so that they could confirm
that the rotor was
     The price for two high quality rotors (Blank..available drilled) was
$144.00US including
shipping to Philadelphia Pennsylvania (Weston Motorsports).  Thanks very
much to Q-Lister
Mike Del Tergo for the lead on Best Price (this is a High performance
outlet and you can reach
them at 1-800-636-0854).
     They also had rear rotors available (which are common) but I had
already found Jurids
at Foreign Autopart in Saugus Mass (other NE locations) for $92.00US the
pair!  Dealer price
is nearly double that.(617-231-0227)
     My next problem was getting the proper brakepads for driving schools.
  After deciding I
wanted the Pagid Yellows; they were impossible to find when I needed them
(but are now
available from Keith Anderson who did his level best to find what I
needed...I will use
his services sometime in the future..he comes highly recommended from
myself and others
and is available at 612-937-8639 in MN and thanks to Glenn Lawton for
pointing me in
that direction).
     So....I put out a note to the list and after communicating with Eric
(thanks Eric, I always knew you had a heart in there somewhere :-))I
to give Paul Weston at Weston Motorsports a call to order some Cool Carbons
 and/or AFT
(Advanced Friction Technologies) Carbon/Kevlar pads.  Remember...the front
pads also come
in large or small like the front rotors...so if you've got the 256mm rotor
you will need
to order the smaller size of whatever pad you use (227 BL).  After talking
further with
Paul I decided to have my rotors grooved as opposed to drilled (one of the
reasons being that
some driving schools do not allow cross-drilled rotors that are not
original equipment).
The grooves are curved (slightly more than the drilled holes you can see on
 Bob D'Amatos page)
and besides aiding in giving gases a chance to escape and lengthening the
life of the rotor;
they are extremely cool looking IMHO.  The cost for this grooving was $150
for all four.
I found Paul Weston to be patient with all my questions (I was a pain in
the a*s) and true
to his word on every count..quality of service etc.  I would highly
recommend him to a friend.
     Additionally, I picked up some ATE Blue High Temp fluid (392 F wet
boiling point).

     RESULT: Euro-Sport Motorcar in Merrimack NH did the work (not cheaply,
 but perfectly
with no shortcuts) and the car STOPS!  I've now got the same set up that
another lister
was talking about last week and I must concur (totally different stop
power). I'll let
you know how they wear and how they are on the track when I get a chance.
     I talked to a lot of people over the last few weeks and months about
this....it may
seem like small potatoes to some, but it was new to me and cost quite a bit
 of cash, so
I appreciate all who helped..the numbers are included, not because I have
any personal stake
in the above businesses, but because good word of mouth was earned by them.
     Have a great weekend!

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Paul W. Royal......Exeter, New Hampshire
   Senior Project Leader-IDX Systems Corp. Boston, MA USA
   90 90Q20v...titanium, platinum leather, cold weather pack,
   15in Borbet C's, Grooved rotors and CC's :-)
   Member QC-USA/BMW-CCA