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Re: how to catch BMW

ScharfR@aol.com wrote:
> First of all, you need to try some .....blah.....blah......
> section of your public library (providing that they still use the Dewey
> decimal system ).

	I don't have much real "world" experience, true, but I have enough to
know Audis are NOT the fastest marque. I've driven modern BMWs and
modern Audis and been disappointed with the results, but it doesn't take
a modern car because every day my older C-GT reminds me stock Audis have
been slow FOR YEARS, maybe decades. I know 'numbers lie' and 'you can't
always believe what you read' blah blah blah....but don't tell me Audis
are delivered fast enough, because I won't buy it(P.I.) and neither will
everyone else. There's a reson the public loves the M3 and the BMW V8s,
the Porsches, the Lexus 400s, the Mustangs, the Z28s, Taurus SHOs, all
the powerful American trucks, the turbo-charged Eclipses and
3000GT-VR4s, etc., etc. The reason is engine performance. Or in one
word: MUSCLE.
	Here is one of my personal experiences, and yes it is a "real world
experience", that makes my point. My girlfriend's car is a BASE,
power-nothing, N/A tiny engine, bicycle tire equiped, '95 Mitsu. Eclipse
and I drive it daily. My friend's car is a '96 automatic Audi A4 1.8T
and I drive it whenever I want. My girlfriend's car is quicker. That's
	Don't make it seem like I know nothing because I've never driven 240
KPH on the Autobahn or have not raced in the touring car championship. I
have enough experience with Audis and other cars to know they are slow
in stock form. It doesn't take much "real world experience" to know
that, trust me, I know.