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Autobahn - isms

Phil (intentionally)  and Dan (unintentionally) mentioned a few things about
Autobahn driving:

Phil's "eingebaute Vorfahrt" is mostly true.  Generally people pull over for the
three pointed star, even my neighbor in his anemic diesel Mercedes.  Conversely,
Mercedes drivers, especially those wearing hats, do not pull over for anyone.  

In my experience BMW drivers, especially those in the 5er's, also live in the
left lane.  Contrary to the opinions of a few Audi owners here on the list -- my
stock '91 200 will walk away from, or hang in close proximity to the rear bumper
of, the vast majority of BMW's.  Of course you would expect this from the (at
the time) most powerful, top of the line, car in Audi's line-up....

Dan also brought up something every visitor in Germany should know:  "Ausfahrt"
and "Zur" are not the names of the largest city in Germany.  They are,
respectively, "exit" and "to".  The  Autobahns are numbered the same as in the
US; north/south roads are odd, east/west are even starting in the southwest
corner.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Brush up on German (european, for that
matter) geography before you come.  "To get to Frankfurt airport, follow the
signs to Basel, Switzerland..."

Ordering beer is also not as easy as "Ein Bier, bitte."  What kind? Big or
little? Light or dark?  The thumb means one, thumb and index are two, thumb
index and middle are three.  If the waitress/bartender sees two fingers and
can't quite hear "zwei" or "drei", you're probably gonna get three.  In England
if the waitress/bartender sees two fingers, you're probably gonna get slapped.

Joe Yakubik