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Re: lowering a 90q20v

Keep me posted as you get this information. I will need to do the
suspension in mine this year.

BTW: I have talk to a couple of people who have lowered 90q20v. The first
did shocks (BOGE) and springs (Eibach) for about $850 installed. Which I
thought was a good deal. The other was a heavily modified cluster-f*ck, but
was stiff as a board. The car belongs to Keith Anderson's wife.

They had installed springs and rear shocks from a S4, and front shocks of
unknown origin. However, they used the stock rear sway-bar on the 1991
model. (If your car doesn't have this sway-bay, install this first. It make
a big difference controlling roll). The car was lowered to maximum. In fact
it is limited to using 50 series tires rather than the 55's which are stock
(larger diameter) because they rub. Additional, this car had a lot of
scrapes on the front bumper from pulling into parking lots.

The car really takes on a different look when lowered.

Mike Benno
90q20v Sport Package

> From: Grant Lenahan <glenahan@notes.cc.bellcore.com>
> To: quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: lowering a 90q20v
> Date: Monday, April 07, 1997 8:10 AM
> Sean wrote:
> >>My 1990 90q20v (Sedan) has a huge amount of space between the tires and
> the fender wells. Does anyone have any experience lowering a 90q20v? I
> do not want to compromise the ride quality but I would like to lower it
> by about 1.5 inches (not too much). Who makes springs and dampers that
> work well with Audi? Eibach, H&R, Koni, Bilstein?
> I have heard that the 90q20v was available from the factory with a sport
> suspension package that had lowered springs, 15" wheels and a sway bar.
> Does anyone know anout this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Sean
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> Sean Douglas
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> 1992 VW Passat GL 16V
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> Surrey, B.C.
> Canada
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> Yep.  I have the lowered suspension on mine.  very nice.
> However, I'd be careful lowering your car.  First, the factory kit is
-1.0" and 
> the car is
> so l;ow that you must be careful not to bottom out.  In fact, I cannot
get a 
> standard
> floor jack under the car without taking the swivel off.  1.5" will be
> lower (obviously).
> Next, you don;t want to hurt the ride.  Impossible.  If you lower the car
> you must 
> stiffen it X% as well, or it will bottom out.  Progressive springs help,
> don;t fool
> yourself -- it must be stiffer.
> Finally, and folks like Eric or Jeff can add more here, when you lower
the car 
> you
> change the suspension geometry.  I've driven several 4000qs that were
> and they all steer like *rap, and bump steer to boot.  Not pleasant.  
> On the other hand, I put a lowered sport kit from Bilstein into my 81
> with great results.  Alas, one is not made for your Audi.
> You may be able to do this successfully, but someone ought to know what
> are doing,
> and many shops that sell the parts do not.
> If you do it (1) find what geometry changes and make sure you compensate,
> get it
> re-alligned, specifically for the new ride height - I suspect the caster
> change,
> (3) get progressive springs, (4) try to drop it 1" or less, match the
> and dampers
> carefully.
> Maybe Audi could tell you what changes are made to the sport suspension 
> models????
> Grant