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Re: Bentleys

     >The Bentleys: This is the first set I've ever seen, and I must say, 
     >they are loaded with lots of technical info. However, it seems as if 
     >they are written as Shop Manuals, for the "pros", not for the DIY or 
     >Backyard Mechanic. Does anyone else feel this way??
     I thought most of the material was extracted from the actual factory 
     shop manuals, designed to be used by your local authorized dealer 
     technician, using the appropriate tools (and charging the appropriate 
     >Is it common (at least maybe for Audi) to require so many "special" 
     See above.
     >Also, is it me, or are they "short" on offering detailed diagnostic 
     >procedures? They really don't give you suggestions based on the 
     >"symptoms" of something (i.e. see my recent post about "The Shakes").
     That might explain some of the dealer troubleshooting procedures we 
     see reported on this list. (Why fix a problem when it is easier just 
     to replace all associated components?)
     Actually I'm still thinking about buying them.  For most of the 
     problems I would feel comfortable tackling, I really need a good set 
     of wiring diagrams.  Also, if they cover all 100/A6 models for the 
     years 92-97, then I can justify it on the basis that I'll already have 
     the manual for the S6 wagon that I'll be looking for in a year or two 
     (yeah right).
     Albuquerque, NM, USA
     92 100 CSQW
     92 100 S