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Re: boost bypass valve installation (the igor/avi way)

Phil. you a million questions......(just kidding)
>where did you get the flanged fitting?  the raised spot on the ic is 
>less than 1" in diameter what diameter is the valve?
see previous post

>is the valve labeled "in" "out"? 
no, but it is pretty self explanatory,

>I have an old SAAB valve which is a 103 instead of a 102. In that 
>installation the inlet is against a spring; what pressure does it take to 
>overcome the valve, make it open under normal operation?  or, if you 
>prefer, does it limit the Max boost?

you will have to test it with a regulator in order to find out when the
valve opens...

>what is the pressure setting for the valve you recommend?  where is 
>the valve used as original equipment?

the 20 valve turbo, and the 1.8 turbo Audi

Avi Meron