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Re: Quattro drivetrain issue/question...

RCARSELLE@aol.com wrote:
> My 5KCSTQ had a noise coming from some portion of  the drivetrain......
> my mechanic has chosen the carrier bearing as the culprit....well a full
> blown driveshaft is mucho dollars from Blau and others.....I have a carrier
> bearing coming in from a part's guy...the question is can the mechanic put it
> in or is it spot welded or something like that.....I know some 4K Quattro
> owners have actually used a BMW bearing part number and had a driveline place
> do the labor......are we 5K owners that lucky ?
> I have a carrier bearing on the way.....but can my mechanic do the labor if
> they have done carrier bearing work on other vehicles or is the 5K Q
> driveline too specialized ?
> Anyfeedback is welcome...my heart is in my throat.....don't wanna buy entire
> propshafts....
> RC
> 90 90
> 88 5KCSTQ
> Rob Carselle - Columbus, OH

I used the following method.
I purchased bearing-rubber insulator assembly from MB 300 Turbo Disel
(not S class but smaller one) . I than removed my driveshaft and 
separated two sections. I than tapped off old bearing. The metal ring 
around the rubber insulator was completly toren off. I than made a cut in 
lower portion of the ring  and removed the ring inside. I than proceeded 
to install MB bearing assembly inside the old Audi ring and weld the cut 
with Mig welder. Reassembly was reverse of disassembly.
Use new driveshaft to trans and to rear end bolts. You can alsow exchange 
what is left of your bracket for a rebuilt one at Sport Wheels. That 
saves trouble of chasing MB parts and welding. In this case all you need 
to do is instalation.Let me know if you need more details.
        Mike Z