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Re: recall issues

In a message dated 97-04-10 13:14:01 EDT, you write:

<< 2.  System:  Fuel.  Problem allegedly is that fuel injection seals may 
 harden due to high temperature and alcohol in some fuels and allow fuel 
 to escape into the engine compartment causing fire.  Corrective action 
 recommended was to replace seals with improved seals plus make 
 improvements designed to better insulate the engine against fire risk.
 OK......now my car has 140k miles on it.........I'm the third owner and I 
 do not know whether any of these problems were diagnosed in this vehicle 
 and/or addressed/corrected.  Has anyone had any experience with these 
 issues, and should I worry about it at this point? >>


Any dealer can enter your VIN into the DCS system and check for
open recall campagns. 

Vince Lyons