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Re: Exhaust manifold cracks on a 200

> Recently I installed a new timing belt/h2o pump on my 90 200.  Unfortunately,
> I tweaked the intake valve on #1 cyl when the camgear moved
>                                                                     45
> degrees counter clockwise while I attempted to break loose the bolt.
> The result, a bent intake valve on #1 cyl.  Local Audi dealer wants $3k

... sure makes the Audi tools look cheap now, eh?  I s'pose you could have 
prevented it by leaving the belt in place until you got the cam bolt loose.

> to repair, including $1100 for a new exhaust manifold, which is almost 
> always cracked according to the service mngr.  No prior symptoms suggesting
> a problem with a cracked manifold.  Any thoughts on this?  BTW,
> Re the prior questions re interference vs non-interence valves, here,s some
> expensive evidence.  Mike Posner
It could be that you have a cracked EM ... it has happened before.  I had
one that was simply warped, and I had it resurfaced for a couple $100 and 
it's been fine ever since.  Note also that the Bentley states that internal 
cracks are acceptable.  I'd say that the price is fairly high as well, ask 
him if it is a 1-piece or 2-piece manifold.  Word on the street is that the
2-piece flows better, so if you do need a new EM it is an opportunity to 
start getting ready for those HP improvements!  :)

IMHO $3k + $1.1K for rebuilding a head and replacing an EM is REAL expensive,
maybe that is what those things are going for now.  I'd try to find a good 
non-factory shop in the area and have them quote it for you.  You seem to 
be industrious enough to have attempted the belt & WP yourself ... it really
isn't that much more to pull the head and EM yourself and have the work done,
you'll save $$$!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)