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Re: tranny blues.. continued..

$75 is a gift.  Buy it and get on with it!  the only thing fancy you'll 
need for the swap is a wrench for the inboard cv's.  


> > Rich....I think the listers need more information, to respond. You might
> > start by telling them which Audi model you are going to work on. Being very
> > specific will help.
> > 
> > Doyt
> > 
> > At 01:03 PM 4/13/97 EDT, you wrote:
> > >Well,
> > >I think I need a new transmission/diff and the verdict from list members
> > >is that $75 for a used FWD manual transmission w/only 87Kmi. on it is a good
> > >deal. Well, I guess this is my project for next weekend... 
> > >Anyone have a list of tools needed to complete this job????
> > >Anyone have a procedure for changing a 5-speed??
> Ok,
> It is an '84 5000S FWD 5-speed w/150K miles anda transmission that made it home
> but will no longer go in ANY gear(s). I am thinking of purcahsing a used one 
> with 87Kmi. on it and putting a new clutch/pressure plate/throw out bearing 
> and tranny flush with Red-Line synthetic or Amsoil. What do you think??
> BTW, I can get the tranny for $75.00 US is that reasonable???
> TIA,
> Rich Andrews
> rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu