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$4 for sale

In message <01BC4A3C.7CD41BE0@pm3-158.usinternet.com> "Michael G. Wachholz" writes:

> I ended up buying a 93 968 instead.  I felt the 
> Porsche would provide more thrills for the buck.

I can see your point, but one of the reasons I like driving an ur-quattro is 
the lack of that kind of thrill.
Maybe I'm getting too old.
Did I mention that my daughter found an advert for motor insurance that was 
restricted to the "Over 50s"?  The first I heard was a raucous snort and a 
guffaw - then a: "You _WON'T_ believe these dorks!!"
She came into the office and read out the spiel, hooting with laughter.  It was 
all about "mature motorists" not having to pay for the "excesses and wild 
driving behaviour of the immature driver".

She couldn't stand properly for quite some time.  Two years and eight months to 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club