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Re: How about rear fogs for Coupe GT?

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

>While we're still on the subject, and before I forget:  Does anyone know
how those two "almost lamp housings" on the rear of Coupe GT's can be hooked
up to do something?  I'm talking about the two rectangles in the middle red
decor panel that says "Coupe".  What are they anyway?

As I understand it, at least one is set up as a rear fog light on some
coupes.  Which ones?  Who knows.  I have two (or three?) reflector bars now
and I'm considering drilling a hole in the rear of one of those "almost lamp
housings" to see if there is reflective material (silvering) in there.  If
so, it should be easy to drill and Dremel a socket for some OEM bayonet or
snap mount light socket.  Anybody else out there know about this stuff?

Huw Powell
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