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'90 Coupe - front end tremors

Hi all,

	I'm getting ready for a 3000 mile trek in the coupe and I need to get a problem addressed before I leave... I have something loose in the front end and can't find what it is. Problem presents itself as such:

	For about 10,000 miles the car has had a shimmy in the wheel when I hit a bump going around a left hand corner. Now, unrelated or not, I don't know, the whole front end feels loose, there is noticeable vibrationthrough the wheel and chassis at all times but more noticeable above 40mph. I have ruled out tires/wheels b/c I just installed a set of 16" Borbets with Sport 8000s as a summer set and the vibration is the same as the factory wheel/tire setup. I have also taken the car to two different shops, one german car specialists (mercedes, actually) and a local tire/suspension/brake place.

The german shop found nothing wrong, they said everything was nice and tight. I had the car four wheel aligned at the local place, they brought everything into spec and noticed nothing wrong.

What could this be? The car has 81K on it, I had Eibach springs and Boge Turbo gas shocks/ strut bushings put on about 7k  miles ago, other than that the suspension is untouched. car has never been in an accident or had anything changed/modified other than what I just mentioned.

HELP! I don't know what else to look at... bushings? Tie rods? What????


'90 Coupe q 
'84 Jeep Scrambler (just about ready to come out of hibernation)